Apply to Become a Member Practitioner

We expect our members to practice compassionate, fearless and honest communication with each other and clients. To be solution oriented and participate in our community events at least one per quarter. Let's teach, collaborate and grow.   MINKA brooklyn is committed to work with diverse bodies of practitioners, as well as holding space for those who come from all walks of life. 

Please also note that you are required to have a test session with Aki or other senior practitioners at MINKA to see how you do what you do - knowing how to hold space for people from all background, as well as competency in the modalities is required.  Someone will get back to you to schedule a session.

Please also submit the following to upon approval.

  • Your head shot for the website (because you are beautiful)

  • Your certification(s)

  • Your liability insurance (because it's a smart idea to cover your behind)

  • Your W-9 form

  • Your bio, list of offerings with corresponding lengths & prices of the sessions, and contact or booking information for the website (see the example here)

  • For IG feature, candid/personality photo, your self-healing story/why you do healing, and how you identify yourself

  • Activation fee of $125 via VENMO @minkabrooklyn after the interview session

Name *
Your business name, if any.
Your website address, if any.
Please go to our mission page to read our ethos and aspirations.
Briefly, tell us what a culturally diverse healing community means to you? What role do you play, and how do you contribute to individual as well as societal healing process?
What does culturally diverse healing community means to you? What role do you play, ad how do you contribute to individuals as well as societal healing process? We ask these questions since we are very serious about creating safer space for all who gather with us. This has be be answered in concrete and tangible ways you work to hold space for those who have very different life and social experience from you. If this is not something you have thought about before, we ask you to take your time to think about it before submitting this proposal.
Tell us your take on how they intertwine with one another - there is no right or wrong answer! We believe every healing and wellness professional has responsibility to continue healing themselves, in order for the work of healing to be facilitated for others.
Tell us how you stay well, and what you incorporate in your daily life for grounding and growth.
Healing modality *
Tell us what modalities you practice.
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Thank you for your interest in joining our tribe. For any questions, or need for assistance, feel free to contact us at