Community Reiki

To sign up for Community Reiki please Book through Calendly and Pay through MindBody before you arrive. Your session with certified Reiki practitioner will be held in our Workshop Foyer, alongside Community Acupuncture - you will have one-on-one reiki session with your practitioner for 30 minutes. 


Book Your Session Here

To secure your spot for our community Reiki offering please book through Calendany but clicking on the link below. This allows our practitioners to prepare for you and make sure we have time and space to care for your needs. What Is Reiki?

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Pay For Your Session Here

Community Reiki practice was created out of the desire to make this powerful modality accessible to all folks, and is offered by Sliding Scale ($25 w/ EBT or Medicaid, or $40-60).  Your booking will be complete once you submit your payment via the link provided in the confirmation email.

Please confirm your session buy paying through MindBody by clicking the link below. Scrolling down to Energy Healing and selecting the appropriate amount. If you do not have an account you can sign up, making it easier for you to book Minka Partitioners, Workshops and Classes.

Why Sliding Scale?

We believe everyone is entitled to heal their wounds so they can thrive; we also believe that the wellness and healing practitioners to make a living wage.  In order to make this possible, we ask you to pay as much as you can, so those who might not be able to pay as much can still receive their healing session - this is the idea behind 'paying it forward'.  We are all in this together, and we choose to do our best to take care of one another. 

Offer Community Reiki Or Meditation

Are you interested in offering community reiki or meditation at MINKA brooklyn?

REIKI - We are currently not accepting applications at this time - please check back in a few months!

GUIDED MEDITATION - Please click on the applicant link HERE to apply to lead our Community Mediation - (Typically Tuesday Evenings)

Accepting Applicants - Thank you in advance!

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